SupplySide West 2018 Post-Show Recap

Bioriginal Launches InstaMCT™ Pro Products at the Bioriginal Boost Bar

Booth visitors were the first to try our newest Keto-certified “all-in-one” InstaMCT™ Pro Coconut MCT Powders + Protein – created to meet the rising consumer demand for protein and coconut MCTs.

InstaMCT™ Pro powder offers all the benefits of MCTs plus protein in one convenient product. Sourced from 100% coconut-derived MCTs, InstaMCT™ Pro includes our proprietary LCO100™ MCT Oil providing ketone-producing MCTs for a natural source of sustained energy. InstaMCT™ Pro also provides Type 1 & 3 collagen and whey protein to help repair and rebuild lost muscle due to age or exercise. Sourced from grass-fed bovine, the proteins are an essential nutrient for optimal health, helping prevent injury and illness.

InstaMCT™ Pro Coconut MCT Powder is an ideal clean-label coffee whitener replacement. It can be used in any hot beverage, shake or smoothie.

Two distinct formulas were available to sample at SupplySide West – InstaMCT Pro™ (Coconut MCT Powder with Collagen + Whey) and InstaMCT Pro™+ Ghee (Coconut MCT Powder with Ghee + Collagen + Whey).

In addition to our InstaMCT Pro products, we featured several of our latest and greatest products to give booth visitors a quick boost to their day. Our Bioriginal Boost Bar was a walk-thru style café where participating attendees ordered their choice of hot or cold beverages with a choice of one of our supplement boosts. Featured items included:

  • InstaMCT™ Coconut MCT Powder – an easy-to-use clean label MCT creamer that is maltodextrin-free with the highest oil load on the market (75%)
  • Coconut MCT Energy Boosts – a creamy, convenient alternative to MCT oil made with our unique, proprietary LCO 100™ derived from 100% coconut oil offered in Sweet Coconut and Vanilla flavors
  • Organic Pumpkin Protein – one of our new novel plant-based powders in a tasty Vanilla or Chocolate flavor that offers 60% protein made from selectively screened, cold-pressed pumpkin seeds

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As a thank you for stopping by to sample our products and providing feedback, attendees could enter into a prize draw, with 3 lucky booth visitors drawn to win prize packs full of items and product to help boost and maintain their energy.

Phytocannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System Q&A with Carl Germano

On Thursday, October 8th, Carl Germano, RD, CNS, CDN, an industry expert on hemp stalk oil, was in our booth space to talk about and answer questions on phytocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. Attendees were invited to stop by and have a one-on-one discussion to learn more about this rapidly growing market.

Germano has held various senior roles in integrative and nutritional therapies and product development for the past 35 years. Currently, he serves as Vice President of Verdant Oasis – a major grower, developer, cultivator and extractor of full spectrum phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil – where he continues his efforts in product development and research and is responsible for providing the industry with the next generation of clinically important nutraceutical and phytocannabinoid ingredients. Germano is also prolific author with several bestselling trade books including The Misled Athlete, Natures Pain Killers, The Osteoporosis Solution, and The Brain Wellness Plan. His new book, The Road to Ananda: The Illustrated Guide to The Endocannabinoid System, Phytocannabinoids, Hemp & Your Health will be published in late fall 2018.

Have any questions about phytocannabinoids, or the endocannabinoid system? Send us your questions.

25th Anniversary Celebration & Krill Talk

Before the show, our krill partner RIMFROST released the results of a new study supporting the health benefits of krill-derived ingredients. The study sparked some interesting conversations on Thursday afternoon at our co-hosted booth event, where attendees joined us for drinks, cake and krill talk as we celebrated 25 years of Bioriginal.

Have any questions about krill? Send us your questions.

That’s it for our post-show recap. If you would like more information, let us know and we’ll contact you to find out how we can help.

Thanks to everyone for making this year’s SupplySide West a success! We’ll see you at the next show.

The Bioriginal Team

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