Bioriginal is specialized in creating oil blend formulas, following your essential fatty acid profile

  • Fully adapted to your specification
  • With enrichers like vitamins or minerals
  • In each flavor you like
  • Packaged in every shape: from IBCs to drums, from bottles to other specialized packaging
  • Oil blends possible on a smaller to mid-sized scale, which makes Bioriginal unique in the market

Achieve wider health claims? Not sure how you can dive into the latest trends? Let’s find the right solution for your needs. Together we create extra value to the end customer.




Oil blend formula

Bioriginal takes care of your convenience. Working with us for your (omega) oil and oil blend solutions, allows you to:

  1. Focus on your own business & long-term strategy
  2. Develop your unique product proposition
  3. Create a product in the format you like, ensuring a smooth supply chain


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Discover the Bioriginal product portfolio with marine and plant-based oils as a base for your oil formula!

Let’s Work Together

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