EPA and DHA Omega-3s: What You Need to Know

There is a pair of nutrients found in every cell of our bodies that helps us perform at our best: EPA and DHA omega-3s. The problem is, 80% of people worldwide are not getting enough of these nutrients. On Global Omega-3 Day, we shine the spotlight on these important nutrients and why we need them.

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Five areas that deserve some extra attention this year

Five Health & Nutrition Trends to Watch in 2023

In 2023, consumers continue to recover from several years of upheaval, with views toward health and wellbeing – specifically mental health – shifting drastically. In…

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Five consumer preferences and trends that we can expect in 2022

Five Health & Nutrition Trends to Watch in 2022

  The past year saw many of the same challenges that were experienced in 2021, added a few new ones, and provided the perspective of…

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Eye Health

Healthy Foods to Protect Eye Health

Eating right can keep our eyes healthy and lower the risk of eye disease.  There are some foods that are particularly important for maintaining eye…

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Immune Health

Enhancing Your Immune System Health

Author: Janice McColl, B.S.P., M.Sc., M.H. We usually think of the immune system as the body’s defense mechanism against foreign invaders – such as viruses,…

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Mood Health

Essential Fatty Acids and Stress

Authors: Rakesh Kapoor, PhD, Artur Klimaszewski, MD and Janice McColl, BSP, MSc, MH Introduction In today’s hectic lifestyle stress and its harmful effects seem to…

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Sports Nutrition

Back in the Swing of Things

Study suggests EFA supplementation helps “tennis and golf elbow.” Author: Kurt Hofmann Is your golf bag still in storage from the winter because you find…

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Eye Health

Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS)

With a 107 million Americans now over the age of 50, more and more Americans are prone to age related eye diseases, such as age-related…

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Cognitive Health

Brain Food: Paying Attention to the Right Fats Can Help Your Child Tame ADD

Author: Janice McColl, B.S.P. M.Sc., M.H. Does your child have difficulty in school, is distracted easily, forgets homework, is unable to finish anything he starts,…

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The Science Behind Coconut Oil

In the 1930s, Dr. Weston Price discovered that the South Pacific Islanders incorporated high quantities of coconut in their diet but remained healthy and fit,…

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