Pumpkin protein

Pumpkin is believed to originate from Northern America with earliest seeds found to be nearly 10,000 years old. Pumpkins are used as decoration during the Halloween season but find their way into many food products, like soups, pies and direct consumption. The seeds have a long history of use in various bakery product and other applications.

Pumpkin protein powder contains minimally 60% protein and is rich in minerals and fibers. The powder is light green, has a pleasant nutty taste and good solubility.

Our Pumpkin protein powder is produced by cold-pressing specific de-shelled seeds after which the press cake is milled into a fine and easy to use powder. It is available as conventional and organic.

Our pumpkin protein powder has a wide variety of applications. In sports nutrition, it is used as an ingredient in shakes, smoothies and protein bars, but the product is also used in pasta and other bakery products.

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