AlgalPure DHA®

Our newly developed AlgalPure DHA® is a sustainable source of DHA. The patented production and refining are done in Europe with a solvent free process under Bioriginal’s high quality

Our expertise in the refining process has resulted in AlgalPure DHA® being a neutral tasting and odourless product with a light colour. It finds applications in many markets such
as: infant formula, supplements and functional foods.

IP protection and the Novel Food approval of our algal strain gives us the freedom to operate in these different segments.

AlgalPure DHA® can be blended with other products to make a unique product concept targeting different health categories.

We also have AlgalPure DHA® winterized. An ideal high quality product that is suited for encapsulation in transparant capsules.

AlgalPure DHA Logo

  • A growing demand for algal oil
  • An innovative, high quality, solvent free production process
  • Neutral taste and odorless
  • IP protection and novel food approval
  • Blending possibilities to meet customer specific demands
  • Food supplements
  • Infant formula products
  • Food & beverages