Oils – Marine

A leading supplier of innovative ingredients, Bioriginal offers a range of pure, sustainably sourced marine oils. Carefully sourced from fisheries around the globe, our line of marine oils are of the highest quality delivering omega-3's EPA and DHA in various formats, such as triglyceride (TG) and phosopholipid-bound.

In addition to our extensive product listing, we can also offer customized concentrations ranging from 300 to 600 mg/g total Omega-3s, and control the ratio of EPA to DHA up to 500 mg/g. We are your partner in providing Omega-3 solutions.

We are your partner in providing Omega-3 solutions using krill oil, 18/12 fish oil and our Biopure DHA tuna oil as the basis for your success. Using our blending facility we are able to meet your demands.

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