Consumers want the health benefits of omega fatty acids, but don’t always like the taste of omega oils. Bioriginal Omega Emulsions are a great tasting way to get your daily dose of omega fatty acids, without even realizing it contains fish or plant-based oils. Emulsification of the oils increases your body’s ability to absorb and digest omega fatty acids. Biorignal’s Oil Emulsions have the taste, texture and aroma of a creamy smoothie, giving your consumers a delicious alternative for getting all the health benefits of Omegas.

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  • Higher bioavailability compared to bulk oils and softgels, increasing omega fatty acid levels in your body in a shorter time period.
  • Proprietary emulsion technology allows the emulsion’s great taste and aroma to stay shelf stable for longer
  • Convenient, smooth and easy to consume
  • Great for consumers who have difficulty swallowing softgels, such as young children and seniors
  • Available in various customized flavors and formulations