Nitrogen Generator Installation Bioriginal Europe/Asia

Supports Sustainable Development & Reduces our Carbon Footprint

Bioriginal Europe/Asia B.V. is excited to announce the successful installation of a new, state-of-the-art, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator at its facility in Den Bommel, The Netherlands. The new addition supports the company’s sustainable development goals, providing a clean and energy efficient supply of pure nitrogen, used to protect their products.

“We are excited to announce the installation of our new nitrogen generator,” says Armand van de Putte, Sr. Vice President & Managing Director of Bioriginal Europe/Asia B.V. “This PSA generator is very stable in producing a consistent supply of 99.9950% pure nitrogen, providing significant cost savings, while also helping to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Installing the system has enabled Bioriginal Europe/Asia B.V. to efficiently generate and store nitrogen gas on demand. Generating their own nitrogen on site allows the company to incur less loss and reduce their environmental impact, as compared to previously used bottled nitrogen gas deliveries. The generator’s unique control system provides operators with all the information needed to maintain a consistent and reliable supply of nitrogen – in an environmentally friendly manner.

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