New studies confirm the high stability of Rimfrost Pristine krill powder

Fosnavaag, Norway – September 5th, 2016

RIMFROST AS is a Norwegian vertically integrated biotechnology company that provides high quality Antarctic krill products such as Rimfrost Pristine krill powder. This pinkish and free flowing powder is a natural combination of omega-3 phospholipids, astaxanthin, proteins and peptides and can be used in nutritional applications for humans and animals. In a collaboration with NOFIMA and Denmark Technical University (DTU), and with the financial support from the Norwegian Research Council, two stability studies have been performed. The results showed that the krill powder is stable and minimal degradation takes place.

As expected for all natural products krill powder is not inert. The results from NOFIMA showed that the astaxanthin decreased over time, however, there was no significant change in the other ingredients when stored at two years at room temperature. The DTU stability trial was shorter and has recently been published in the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. The results confirmed the high stability of the powder and that the overall oxidation and hydrolysis was low. The use of vacuum packaging increased the oxidative stability of the krill powder as determined by higher contents of astaxanthin and Vitamin E.

“This shows that our proprietary and gentle state of the art enzymatic hydrolysis technology results in a krill product with superior quality.” Says. Dr Inge Bruheim, Chief Scientific Officer, Rimfrost AS.

“Rimfrost Pristine krill powder can be formulated as a stand-alone product or mixed with other dry ingredients into tablets or capsules, thus providing our customers with a range of product combinations and marketing opportunities”. Says Henrik Traaholt, VP Sales, Rimfrost AS.

For additional information, please contact:
Inge Bruheim (PhD), Research Director, RIMFROST AS
Mobile +47 416 46 382

Henrik Traaholt,
VP Sales Europe, RIMFROST AS
Mobile +47 930 26 678

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