Bioriginal Launches Tasteless, Odorless OmegaPure® Fish Oil

September 27, 2016
OmegaPure Fish Oil
Bioriginal has introduced OmegaPure® fish oil – an omega-3 that can be incorporated into foods, beverages and other delivery systems without changing the taste or flavour profile of the product.

“Today, people are increasingly looking to get maximum nutrition from their food,” said Joe Vidal, Bioriginal President. “We see OmegaPure® fish oil being used in a variety of product applications from condiments and bars to baked goods and beverages and our initial feedback is that it’s the best marine-based omega on the market.”

In the past, manufacturers were unable to successfully incorporate a marine-based omega into food because of the fishy taste and odor. The innovative processing method used to make OmegaPure® solves this issue.

Vidal said the Bioriginal team has helped manufacturers successfully incorporate OmegaPure® into both new and existing formulations.

OmegaPure® also offers the advantages of a clean label and vertical integration that allows for monitoring and control every step of the way to ensure product integrity, consistent quality and traceability.

“OmegaPure® is fully traceable from boat to bottle,” Vidal said. “It comes to us from our own fishery – one that that has a rich history dating back more than a century.”

Bioriginal will introduce OmegaPure® at one of the industry’s largest tradeshows – SupplySide West, October 6&7 in Las Vegas, Nevada where attendees will be able to sample the product in a blind taste test at booth PP159.


Bioriginal is a global leader in delivering complete omega solutions to the food and nutraceutical industries. With over 20 years of global expertise in plant and marine-based omegas, Bioriginal has carved out a niche by combining ingredients from all over the world, directly from the source, to create unique and efficacious solutions. Bioriginal has developed proprietary methods and systems to provide customized turnkey solutions for our customers that help them compete and win in a highly competitive space. Bioriginal has offices and facilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and is the human nutrition division of Omega Protein Corporation.

To learn more or to arrange an interview please contact:
Adrienne Percy
Marketing Communications Manager
T: 306-975-9296; E:

*On location interviews at SupplySide West can be arranged with advance notice.

OmegaPure® fish oil at a glance:

With a story that begins in Reedville, Virginia and is backed by a century of expertise, skill and passion, you can be assured of consistent quality with OmegaPure® fish oil.

Like generations before them, the fishermen of Reedville set out each morning to capture the benefits of menhaden fish oil for people around the world. They do so carefully and responsibly because the fishery has supported their families for more than a century. It is the cornerstone of their past and the key to their future.
Every drop of OmegaPure® is a product of their pride and hard work.
OmegaPure® offers a clean label with ingredients sourced and processed in the United States. Vertical integration allows us to monitor and control every step – from boat to bottle and fish to food – to ensure product integrity, consistent quality and 100% traceability.

Our team of scientists and food technologists have partnered with food manufacturers around the world to create products that make it easier for manufacturers to incorporate omegas in their products and for consumers to receive the well-documented health benefits.

Thanks to its taste-free properties, OmegaPure® can be included in foods, beverages, supplements, and other delivery systems without impacting the taste or flavor-profile of products.

*Please contact Bioriginal’s business development team for detailed information on specifications, fatty acid profile, nutrition and antioxidant systems.