Australia’s Largest Krill Player Enters New Phase of Development

Nelson, New Zealand 28 October 2014

The largest krill company in the Asia-Pacific region announces its re-naming to RIMFROST NEW ZEALAND LTD.

According to Managing Director Mr John Cameron the name change reflects the consolidation of the krill business of Norwegian company Olympic Seafood AS under one banner – that of the RIMFROST GROUP. ‘The name change leverages off that of our hugely successful krill brand ‘THE RIMFROST KRILL COLLECTION’, and provides clarity for consumers and customers alike who already derive great confidence from our vertical integration and control of the supply-chain’ said Mr Cameron.

THE RIMFROST GROUP harvests krill in Antarctica and then immediately converts it to krill meal on-board its own vessel, the Juvel. The resulting high-quality krill meal is then used as the basis for RIMFROST KRILL COLLECTION products.

RIMFROST NEW ZEALAND has by far the largest footprint of any krill company in the Australia and Asia-Pacific region. ‘We are proud of our achievements here and of what we have created. Both our flagship products, RIMFROST SUBLIME Krill Oil and RIMFROST PRISTINE Krill Powder, are manufactured here reflecting a strong commitment to, and investment in, the region. The company operates out of both Christchurch and Nelson New Zealand – acknowledged nutraceutical hubs. Beyond its own, direct operational sphere the company has also forged strong Research and Development partnerships in both Australian and New Zealand, so adding to the significant regional investment.

‘Outside of the very positive impact our activities have on local communities, customers appreciate having someone of our scale located in the market’ said Cameron. ‘We offer immediate delivery of any size order and can also strip out a lot of the costs associated with delivery from the other side of the world. This also underpins our commitment to sustainability which doesn’t just cease in the Antarctic.’

With its administrative center, dual manufacturing sites, innovation hub, R&D partnerships and sales and marketing network based in the region Cameron predicts a strong future for RIMFROST NEW ZEALAND and the wider RIMFROST GROUP. ‘We can deliver any size order of our much-demanded RIMFROST SUBLIME Krill Oil immediately, we have the technology to tailor the specifications of this product to our customer’s precise needs and in our innovation centre and R&D partnerships we have the promise of much more to come. This is as exciting for our customers as it is for us.


RIMFROST takes great pride in its specialized krill-collecting vessel, ‘Juvel’, which operates on the Antarctic Ocean. ‘Juvel’ aims for low emissions, low energy use and low climate impact. The proprietary technology on-board allows minimal and rapid processing to safeguard the natural and intrinsic goodness of krill. The vessel is certified by Friend of the Sea and can guarantee 100% traceability.

For additional information, please contact:

Mr John Cameron
Managing Director
Mobile: + 64 21567371

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