Method for improving skin smoothness


Horrobin, D. F. United States Patent 4,997,6.57.


This patent claims a method for improving the smoothness of healthy skin by topically administering a composition of GLA or dihomoGLA. The inventors state that they unexpectedly found that taking GLA (or DGLA) directly improves skin smoothness as opposed relying on formation of GLA within the body. They also state they are unaware of any published scientific data that states the GLA improves skin smoothness. The patent states that oral administration is the preferred route, and two studies of skin smoothness before and after taking EPO capsules are described. However, topical administration is the method of administration covered in the patent claims. One study for topical application of GLA is described: a moisturizing skin cream containing GLA (5% EPO) used twice day improved skin smoothness. All skin smoothness measurements were via objective ‘peak to trough’ values, a method described in the patent.