How should I supplement my diet with Omegas to make sure I’m getting enough?

Daily supplementation with a combination of borage oil, flax seed oil, and fish oil is the best way to make sure you get what you need.

Your body needs omegas just like it needs other essential vitamins and minerals. The average person does get some omegas through diet – but not enough to meet recommended daily amounts.

  • GLA (500mg daily): This amount is found in 2 grams of borage oil or 4 grams of evening primrose oil.
  • ALA (500-1000mg daily): This amount is found in 1-2 grams of flax oil.
  • EPA/DHA (400 mg daily for both combined): This is found in 2 grams of fish oil daily.

A practical solution is to look for a blended oil product that combines a balance of these essential fats in one convenient capsule. People with specific disease conditions should follow the recommended dose for the individual fatty acids for a therapeutic effect.