Are lignans found in flax seed oil?

The particulate matter that remains after the oil is pressed out of the flax seed is called the “cake”. Lignans are part of the particulate matter that stays behind in this flax cake. Flax cake is very nutritious and contains high amounts of lignans, vitamins and minerals, soluble and insoluble fiber, and protein. The cake may be ground up and consumed as a nutritional supplement, or used to enhance the nutritional content of other foods such as baked and processed foods. It is also used in other applications such as in pet or animal foods to enhance their nutritional profile.

Because most lignans remain behind in the cake during oil processing, they are not found in appreciable amounts in flax seed oil. However, lignans are often added back into the oil, providing what is commonly referred to as high lignan flax oil. High lignan flax oil can be used the same way as regular flax oil but has the added nutritional benefit of lignans. It may be used as an alternative for individuals who do not want to consume milled flax seed, but still want the health benefits of lignans.