Security of Supply

In 1993, Bioriginal began a long tradition of working directly with the producer. We started at that time by building relationships with our Borage growers; providing them high quality borage seeds, offering advice during the growing season to improve their techniques and crops, and then buying back the seed after harvest to ensure only the highest quality seeds were used the following season. 20 years later, we still use this closed loop production system with our Borage seed, allowing us control over the quality and supply of this ingredient from seed to product.

Over the years, we’ve grown our portfolio of ingredients, but have maintained our close and direct working relationships with all our sources. Bioriginal regularly travels to visit and audit our producers to maintain our relationships and ensure best practices are being met, and allows us to bring the story behind each ingredient directly to our customers. Our vertically integrated supply chain allows us to offer traceability, transparency and control over our ingredients and products, from sea & soil to oil.

More than just control over the quality and supply of our ingredients, these long-term relationships throughout the supply chain gives us early insight and knowledge into the industry and the supply situation of omega ingredients. In an industry that is heavily dependent on external and uncontrollable supply factors, this ground level knowledge gives us the ability to anticipate future visibility of trends and supply/demand fluctuations. This insight allows Bioriginal to protect our contractual customer’s business by providing longer-term price stability and supply.

Please ask your sales representative how you might be able improve the stability to your supply chain with a contract with Bioriginal, or contact us to learn more.