When it comes to Quality Standards, Bioriginal has been a pioneer in our industry for over 20 years. Bioriginal established quality control processes and programs long before they were industry standards or requirements. In 2000, Bioriginal was one of the first companies to be certified by Health Canada to meet GMP standards. Our commitment to quality also made us one of the first companies in North America to provide customers with a Certificate of Analysis for each purchase. Bioriginal is instrumental in writing monographs and setting standards for the omega segment within the health food industry, and we bring our knowledge and commitment to quality into everything we do.

Bioriginal is able to control quality for all our products as we are vertically integrated across the value chain. Our quality assurance process begins at the source. We are involved in every stage of producing our omega products, allowing us to control the quality of the product throughout the entire process, and can track each lot all the way back to its source.

Bioriginal employs in-house and accredited third party laboratories to test for purity, actives, stability and contaminants like heavy metals, pathogens, pesticides and herbicides. We are one of the few companies in the supplement industry to have a three-level microbial screening process that includes a DNA test for pathogens and GMO status. All our products meet both food and supplement safety standards.

Bioriginal’s manufacturing facilities operate according to Nutraceutical GMP standards and are certified by regulatory bodies such as CFIA and Health Canada. We also go the extra mile to ensure quality, and are third party HACCAP and GMP certified by SGS.

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