Complete Omega Expertise

You won’t find a company more passionate and driven by omegas, and the benefits they offer, than Bioriginal; we live and breathe omegas. We have 20 years of experience and scientific expertise in both plant and marine based omegas, with a vast portfolio of ingredients.

Bioriginal offers in-depth scientific knowledge in omega ingredients and actives, from their chemical structure, how they work in the body at various doses, their individual quality standards and specifications, to how they work and interact with other ingredients and in various delivery forms. Our extensive experience with omegas allows us to know what will – and what won’t – work in omega formulations, so that we can take your concept, your market’s needs, and scientifically develop an omega product that is safe, stable and efficacious.

As this space continues to grow and evolve, our expertise in omegas keeps our customers on the leading edge of new ingredients and technologies. Bioriginal has knowledge and insight to anticipate trends in the industry, and which ingredients will be successful growth drivers for our customers. We have an in-depth evaluation process for any new omega ingredient in consideration, to ensure we continue to create innovative and strategic solutions to help our customers differentiate and grow within a highly competitive industry.

For more information on our omega portfolio and developing an efficacious customized formula, please contact your sales representative or fill out a contact form to have someone contact you directly.