Bioriginal cares about people and want to help them live healthier lives through Omegas.

We care about the source of those Omegas and ensuring that through sustainable practices, we will be able to help people live healthier lives for many years to come.

This is why Bioriginal is built on a strong commitment to responsible sourcing practices. We have a long history of working hand in hand with growers and fisheries to ensure traceability, quality of product and renewability of all our Omega Ingredients, both plant and marine based.

20 years ago one of our founding objectives was to involve our growers directly, with the goal of improving their economic livelihood and financial wellbeing. We have carried this tradition on until today, working directly with them to advise and improve their techniques and crops, and to ensure that what they produce is of the highest quality and produced with responsible practices. This is underlined by our membership of Sedex, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.

We care about minimizing the environmental impact of our Omega ingredients. Therefore we refrain completely from GMO, we maintain strict control on low pesticide levels in our raw materials, and we work only with fisheries who obey international fishing quotas. And when and where we can, we partner with producers who support organic farming and respect the environment and what it gives to us, in order to ensure renewable and sustainable supply.

We have partnered with Olympic Seafood AS, who is Friends of the Sea certified and beyond this has an impressive ECO-COLLECTINGTM initiative, which is focused on protecting the krill biomass, as well as the Antarctic ecosystem. Read more on the RIMFROST ECO-COLLECTING approach here (link to eco-collecting article)

Through these programs and activities, Bioriginal builds further towards people living healthier lives in a responsible and sustainable way. Today, and in the future.