Dr. Inge Bruheim Talks Krill at Vitafoods Europe

May 19, 2014 – RIMFROST

This year at Vitafoods Europe, Olympic Seafood’s Research Director, Dr. Inge Bruheim spoke about new quality markers for krill oil. Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) is a small crustacean living in the Antarctic Ocean, far away from man-made pollutants. Krill is a naturally rich source of consumer-friendly and powerfully effective marine omega-3 phospholipids, which contribute to improved function of the heart, joints and brain. RIMFROST SUBLIME Antarctic krill oil uses a novel processing method to provide low oxidation and low level of lipid degradation, which these new krill quality markers prove.

To watch Dr. Bruheim’s full presentation, please follow the link below.

Olypic Seafood at Vitafoods – Dr. Inge Bruheim Talks Krill