Management Team

Starla Theriault | VP Finance

1. What is your role at Bioriginal, and how long have you been there?

My primary role is the management and reporting of the financial assets of the corporation. I am responsible for the budgeting and Financial Statements along with cash management and Foreign exchange functions. My team is also a critical part of the Sales support role. I have been with Bioriginal since January 2009.

2. How has your previous experience helped you at Bioriginal?

My background was previously in the Healthcare food industry in eastern Canada. I am pleased to be able to bring to the Bioriginal team my experience in both manufacturing and the wellness fields. It is so much easier to enjoy your job when you believe wholeheartedly in what your organization provides.

3. What professional moment or achievement are you most proud of?

There are many achievements I am proud of but the really important ones are those that change the lives of people. In the healthcare industry I was part of a team that provided an efficacious solution to individuals suffering from swallowing and therefore nutrition deficiencies. Here at Bioriginal I am part of the committed team improving lives through our products. We can leave work every day with that in mind.

4. What is your favorite part of Bioriginal?

I have two favorite parts! The first is the diversification of our products. We truly are a one-stop shop for EFA solutions. We have an extensive product offering and are always excited to see what a customer needs and how we can help. The second part is our staff. Every department has such committed employees. They are as diversified as our products, from scientists to accountants to engineers and doctors.

5. Do you personally take any nutritional supplements? If so, which nutritional supplements do you take?

I take Fish oil caps and Borage oil capsules. I think any adult should consume the fish derived Omega 3 fatty acids. Borage is actually my favorite nutritional supplement! Sulphates from soaps and shampoos created havoc with my skin. Daily Borage caps keep my hands clear of the effects of any skin condition.

6. What is one thing that people might not know about you?

My best skill outside of work is my baking. I truly relax by spending an entire day of the weekend creating new recipes to try out on friends and colleagues. When I am not baking you can find me flying around our acreage’s trails on my dirt bike. The goal is to find my way onto the bigger Dual Sport motorcycle sitting in my garage.