Bioriginal History

Our founders embarked on a journey to establish a health food company, dedicated to improving people’s health, as well as the financial security and stability of the producers, through omega ingredients. The founders envisioned involving producers, manufacturers and marketers to produce an extensive range of omega ingredients. In 1993, Bioriginal integrated across the value chain to produce our first omega ingredient, borage oil.  With Bioriginal located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Saskatchewan, we were able to build long lasting relationships with growers in this region, providing assistance on the different techniques to improve growing this one crop. We also collaborated with research organizations and universities to discover the wide range of benefits offered by borage oil to enhance people’s health.

Bioriginal’s deep interest in omega research and plant breeding led to the launch of our second omega ingredient in 1998, flax oil. The year 1998 was a year of innovation and growth for Bioriginal. At this time, we were one of the first companies in North America to implement blending technology in our manufacturing facility; in fact, Bioriginal was the first company in North America to develop omega 3-6-9 supplements – a blend of borage oil, flax oil and fish oil. With Bioriginal evolving into innovators in the omega industry, our research team started developing condition specific omega products, a concept that was then new to the health food industry. With the intent of becoming our customer’s one-stop shop for omega ingredients, Bioriginal continued to expand our omega ingredient portfolio, working closely with suppliers from around the world. We are passionate about exploring new omega ingredients and leading product innovation to improve the health and wellbeing of people.

In 2000, Bioriginal expanded to the European market by setting up office in the Netherlands, to provide customized omega products to countries in Europe. Bioriginal’s commitment to quality and transparency made us one of the first companies in North America to provide customers with a Certificate of Analysis for each purchase, long before it became a requirement in the health food industry. In 2006, Bioriginal invested in a fish oil manufacturing facility in Peru, to gain access to Peruvian aquaculture and maintain control of the quality of oil we provide to our customers.

Consumers understood the importance of supplementing with omega fatty acids, but like most consumers, we disliked the taste and smell of omega oils, so Bioriginal initiated research on more palatable delivery formats for omega fatty acid consumption. In 2008, Bioriginal launched omega products in the form of emulsions and chewables – products that are both tasty and efficacious.

Today, Bioriginal has offices and facilities in Canada, United States, Netherlands and China, developing and distributing a complete line of omega products to international markets.  Bioriginal is instrumental in omega research, writing monographs and setting standards for the omega segment within the health food industry. We are committed to improving lives by providing omega expertise and service that can make a difference to our customers and their consumers.